8 Mistakes to Never Ever Make While in a Camper

If you rent an RV for the first time, you must pay attention to some things. McRent warns of the most common beginner mistakes. Because: Some mistakes could make the camping dream vacation and some a living nightmare.

The McRent Wohnmobilvermietung explains what beginner goes on your first camping holiday with a rental RV. By observing the following tips which are helpful to those who camp for the first time:

  1. Go around during the ride in the camper
    Whoever thinks motorhome freedom of movement while driving is wrong. Because not only the driver and passenger must wear seat belts, this also applies to all other passengers – whether child or dog. Accordingly, the number of passengers by the number of seats must comply with safety. Dogs and cats can travel with different security systems safe with the caravan.
  2. Drive off with full fresh water tank
    Only absolute RV newbies make the solution tank at start to the holiday as full as possible. Professionals contrast fill the tank only half full. These usually have a capacity of from approximately 95 to 170 liters. Each liter means additional load that must then lift the camper. At most stations, at all campsites it could be replenished easily.
  3. The caravan is loaded incorrectly
    Simply throwing chaotic and ill-considered all luggage in the mobile home, is not advisable. Generally for loading: Heavy downward Light up – so the vehicle is stabilized by a low center of gravity. Stow things logically, so they can easily be found again.
  4. Unsecured charge
    Do not forget the house rolls on wheels! Therefore, all should be well stowed. In Mietmobilen the dishes are usually well stored, otherwise help storage systems for secure grip. So that the driver will travel on straight lines, it should be checked before departure, if there are on the shelf space easily falling objects. If so, better looking for a safe place – in the caravan are usually sufficient storage
  5. And to sum it up:


Thank you for reading and happy RV-ing.